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Class 1 - Elementary
Toward the end of October, the elementary students ventured out to Jacobsburg State Park on their first field trip of the year. While there, the children learned about plant communities and explored the forest floor for detritivores, or animals that consume dead plant matter. Even those children who are not nature enthusiasts expressed appreciation for the beauty of the park and excitement when they discovered insects under logs and leaves.

Looking ahead to November, the upper elementary children will continue their study of Plymouth Colony as we approach Thanksgiving. They are synthesizing this knowledge into a five paragraph essay concerning whom the Pilgrims were, life on the Mayflower, and life in Plymouth Colony. Keep an eye out for the finalized papers on the elementary bulletin board in the near future!
Class 2 - Primary
Happy Fall! In October, students enjoyed learning about the parts of a pumpkin. Ask your child to name them for you. They should tell you about the rind, stem, blossom end, tendril, leaves, pulp, seeds, and fibrous strands. Students also loved singing Fall and Halloween theme songs. Their favorite song was “Five Little Pumpkins.” Students enjoyed learning about the fall season and what happens in fall. We loved spending time with our friends and family at the pumpkin patch! 

In November, we will begin our study of South America. We will learn about the animals, places and people of South America. We will also learn about parts of a turkey and talk about what we are thankful for. 
Class 3 - Primary
In October, classroom 3 turns into a Fall Wonderland! Everywhere you look, you see pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, acorns, apples, gourds and Indian corn. Many works were introduced using these natural treasures. The children strengthened their pincer grip by shucking corn with their thumbs into a large bin. We also have a big wagon of corn that the children can plunge their arms into for a sensory treat. They always love to find the hidden small objects in the treasure box work. The treasures change monthly with the themes and seasons. Many children were proud to stand up and recite the Parts of a Pumpkin for their classmates. Some also made books and posters illustrating these facts. We learned the Parts of an Apple, as well. A favorite activity is apple tasting. The children were given an opportunity to taste Macintosh, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples. Golden Delicious was the overwhelming favorite. We were blessed with beautiful weather for our trip to Unangst Tree Farms. Much fun was had by all!

We have begun to talk about Thanksgiving and Native Americans. We look forward to eating our Thanksgiving feast with friends from other classroom!
Class 4 - Toddler
During October in the Toddler classroom we enjoyed transitioning from summer to autumn and all the leaves and pumpkins the season brought with it. We learned about a few animals from Asia and we tasted a few fruits and one vegetable. We even went on a field trip!

In November, we will explore a new continent (Africa) and learn about its animals. We will keep challenging ourselves with our work and our play. We will start to learn a couple of seasonal songs to share at our December feast and celebration. We look forward to the Thanksgiving break and spending time with our families!