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Class 1 - Elementary
Entertainment is our aim whenever we welcome GMS families to the elementary classroom for a special event. The Holiday Feast at the end of December is no exception. This year, students and family members will play a GMS version of Family Feud where the “people surveyed” are our very own primary students! Can you predict the answers of nearly 40 three to six year olds? Following the departure of our families comes perhaps the most exciting part of the day. The Secret Santa gift exchange is a beloved holiday tradition that both students and teachers look forward to every year. Rules state that all gifts must be homemade by the gift giver, and of course, the identity of the gift giver must remain a secret until the exchange. We wish all of our families a restful break!
In January, elementary students will begin working on our class play. This is a project we look forward to every year.
Class 2 - Primary
In December classroom two learned about holidays around the world. We enjoyed learning how different children celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. We sang songs, read books, and did crafts pertaining to the different holidays. Students also enjoyed making special presents to give to their parents, and learning winter and holiday songs for our holiday feast performance. As a reminder, we go outside most days, so please send your child to school with a hat, gloves, a proper winter coat, and proper warm shoes. 

In January, we will learn about Martin Luther King Junior, and how we can be friends with everyone! We will also learn about the winter season. 
Class 3 - Primary
Classroom 3 is in full holiday mode. It is our custom to explore five December holidays - Three King's Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Korean New Year, and Christmas. We learn about them through the book, Harry and the Holidaze, by Sue Klein. It is fun to hear about the holidays as described by children in third grade. We also have many holiday works in the classroom, as well as crafts and songs to reinforce some traditions. It is interesting to note the differences and similarities between the different celebrations. A candle holder might hold one, seven or nine candles, depending on the tradition, and the children have learned the difference between a Menorah and a Kinara. We have put a lot of preparation into our December feast, learning songs and making gifts. 

When we return from the break, we will learn about New Year celebrations around the world, and try to get used to saying (and writing) a new number - 2020!
Class 4 - Toddler
In the toddler classroom we have spent the last several weeks practicing our special seasonal song (hint: we like to sing it with bells!) and practicing our confident singing voices for when our families come to visit on the last day of school before winter break.