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Class 1 - Elementary
To the children’s surprise and delight, a mysterious, locked trunk appeared in the elementary classroom in the beginning of March. Sent to us on loan from Hawk Mountain, the trunk contained a wide variety of interesting material including raptor wings and talons. With their “special people,” children researched their chosen predatory bird to discover information unique to the species. One week later, the elementary students Skyped with a Hawk Mountain educator and, despite some technical difficulties, got to view two live owls that live at the sanctuary. Having this introduction to raptors has piqued the interest of students in preparation for our field trip to Hawk Mountain in May.
Looking ahead, mark Friday, May 31st on your calendar for James and the Giant Peach, a GMS Elementary production!
Class 2 - Primary
In March, we finally were able to welcome spring! The students loved observing the flowers in the garden on our playground emerge from the ground and bloom. It was so exciting for them to see more and more flowers and buds each day! We learned about the parts of a frog, and how a frog grows from an egg, to a tadpole, to a froglet, and then finally to a frog. Students also enjoyed learning about the parts of a flower. We really loved dissecting a flower and identifying all of the parts! 

In April, we began our study on the animal kingdom. Students will learn about the characteristics of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians, and fish. We will also learn about dinosaurs. 
Class 3 - Primary
March provided some beautiful sunny days to play outdoors. We love to watch the energy and creativity of children letting loose! In Class 3, we introduced Spring. St. Patrick's Day gave us a chance to study Ireland as an island country of Europe. They were able to see pictures of the people, the landscape, and animals of this beautiful country. The kindergarteners learned all the countries of Europe and painstakingly punched out the 48 countries to create beautiful maps! The students have also been introduced to the Animal Kingdom. They are working with several materials that help to place pictures of the animals in the six Animal Kingdom categories. We have introduced the life cycles of a seed, and every child has had a chance to plant several seeds in dirt. They often go to our growing station as soon as they walk in the room, to check out the new sprouts. It is always exciting! The theme of the room has changed to Spring - and eggs, chicks, bunnies, and butterflies can be found in the Practical Life area and beyond! The children are practicing songs for our Earth Day celebration.
Class 4 - Toddler
This month, the toddler classroom will learn about North America—its animals, countries, and people. We will see photos from around the continent and some of them will be familiar to us. Exciting! 

We have recently added more complex puzzles, some of which are three-dimensional. We like to create new shapes from the pieces. In addition, we will continue to try new fruits as they come into season. We will watch the flowers grow in the garden and learn about the insects that will soon return to our playground. 

And as always, we will continue practicing our social skills and increasing our level of independence. We love our toddler family!