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Class 1 - Elementary
March began on an exciting note as students celebrated the life and work of Dr. Seuss on National Read Across America Day. Some elementary students chose to dress as a Seuss creature to add to the excitement of the celebration. During morning work time, the children practiced drawing characters in the style of Dr. Seuss with an activity called “Roll a Dr. Seuss Character.” Each student rolled a die six times to determine the head shape, head decoration, nose, eyes, mouth, and extra features their fictional character would have. Visit the elementary bulletin board to see their work displayed!
In March, elementary and primary students will attend The Jungle Book, a play performed by the Act 1 performing arts company of DeSales University. Each year GMS has been fortunate enough to attend these child-oriented productions, both adults and children alike have been delighted by the performance of the college students. We are looking forward to being entertained again.
Class 2 - Primary
In February, students enjoyed learning about the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They loved discovering that Washington is on the quarter and the dollar bill, and that Lincoln is on the penny and the five dollar bill. Students also really loved giving and receiving Valentines at our Friendship Party. We also started studying the planets and outer space. Students are very interested in all the facts about the planets. Ask your child what color Mars is, which planet is most wide, and which planet spins on its side!

In March, we will do an author study of Dr. Seuss in honor of Read Across America Day. We will also continue our study of the planets. Students will read as a class The Jungle Book in preparation for our class field trip to watch the Jungle Book play.
Class 3 - Primary
March has come in like a lamb, and the children are grateful for their outside playtime. We are looking forward to our special persons joining us on Special Person Day.

In February, we learned about the animals and countries of Asia, and celebrated several February holidays, including Presidents Day. The kindergarteners put together a giant puzzle of the presidents and we enjoyed conversation about famous ones, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Class 4 - Toddler
In the coming weeks, the toddler classroom will begin their transition into spring: we will talk about our need for (hopefully) lighter jackets and start to look for insects under the mulch on the playground. We will have materials using frogs, ducks, and rainbows as we move toward the season of growth and new life. On the first day of spring, we will listen to Vivaldi’s Spring concerto during our work time. 

We are excited to welcome and celebrate the special people in our lives in early March, and to see the O’Grady Quinlan dancers perform for us to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. We love their sparkly outfits and high jumps!