Grace Montessori​​​​
Quality Education and Childcare

Grade 2 Curriculum

Learn to read independently: Chapter books
Increase sight vocabulary
Develop comprehension skills: (SRA reading program)
Differentiate fact from opinion
Read, analyzing, and interpreting literature – describe characters, setting, and plot
Make a book report 
Introduction to structure of poetry and drama
Nonfiction and fiction
Writing - write narrative and informational pieces; stories, poems, haiku, descriptions, and reports
Write sentences related to a topic
Include a beginning, middle, and end while writing a story
Use descriptive adjectives and active verbs
Revise writing
Edit writing; spell most words correctly, use basic capitalization and punctuation correctly
Speaking and listening – listen to others and express themselves orally in group discussions
Participate in group discussion - (Great Books: Dragon series)
Parts of speech: noun, article, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition and conjunction
Sentence analysis: identify complete subject and predicate
Compound words 
Singular and plural 
Gender: masculine and feminine 
Differentiate the needs of living and non-living things
Identify plant and animal adaptations to various habitats
Vertebrates and invertebrates 
Parts and functions of plants, leaves, flowers and seeds
Classification of leaves, flowers and seeds 
Introduction to photosynthesis 
Theory of Evolution
Classify dinosaurs by their characteristics
Investigate fossils
Parts of the body
Introduction to digestion and respiration 
Food and nutrition
Place value up to 1,000,000
Addition and subtraction problems: three-digit and four-digit problems with and without regrouping
Apply problem-solving skills
Multiplication: one-digit multiplier with and without regrouping
Introduction to division
Memorizing multiplication facts (1to 5)
Recognize, order, compare, and write whole numbers to 1,000,000
Count and compare collections of money that include dollars, half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies
Rounding: tens 
Telling time before and after the hour by counting five-minute intervals
Odd and even numbers
​Identify and match geometrical, plane, and solid figures
Similar and congruent shapes 
Fractions: identification and equivalency 
Addition and subtraction with common denominator
Multiplication: fraction and whole number
Identify and explore patterns
Calendar: make a calendar and use it to solve problems 
Graphs and tables 
Estimate and measure length, height, perimeter, area, volume, capacity, mass, and temperature using customary and metric units
Parts and types of an angle 
Parts of triangles and quadrilaterals
Types of triangles
Types of polygons 
Types of lines
Geography and History
Understanding of groups and communities
Rotation and revolution of the Earth and its effects 
Seasons and movement of the earth: day and night 
Tilt of the axis 
Composition of the Earth 
Types of rocks 
Use maps and globes to locate and identify land forms and bodies of water
Fundamental needs and wants 
Discuss American History 
Identify famous Americans, important places and major holidays in America
Demonstrate good citizenship