Grace Montessori​​​​
Quality Education and Childcare

Grade 1 Curriculum

Begin to read independently
Sounds of the alphabet (A-Z)
Read three and four letter words fluently
Sight words
Story telling
Reading comprehension (SRA reading program)
Read fiction and nonfiction: short stories
Reading out loud
Participate in group story writing using story blocks
Making a book report
Write a simple story from personal experience
Identifying parts of speech: noun, article, adjective and verb
Compound words
Rhyming words
Singular and plural
Gender: masculine and feminine
Spell frequently used words correctly
Capitalization and punctuation
Print letters correctly (upper and lower case)
Introduction to cursive writing
Speaking and listening (Great Books: Sun series)
Listen and respond to a variety of texts
Respond using prediction
Relate text to a similar experience
Retell stories in sequence
Participate in group discussions: Book study
Participate in show and tell
Introduction to cursive writing

Living and Nonliving classification
Classify plants and animals according to distinguishing features
Parts and body function of vertebrates: fish, amphibian, reptiles, birds and mammals
Introduction: Parts of a plant
How leaves make food for the plant
Introduction: Parts of a leaf
Classification of leaves
Introduction: Parts of a flower
Introduction: Parts of a seed
Introduction: Parts of a root
Introduction: Parts of a fruit
Parts of the body
Talk about digestion
Food and nutrition (healthy and unhealthy food)
Three States of matter

Identify and create patterns
Understand numbers and number relationships
Place value up to 1000
Smaller than and greater than
Before and after
Problem solving: three and four addition and subtraction (regrouping)
Introduction to multiplication and division
Memorizing addition and subtraction facts up to 20
Tell time to the hour and half-hour
Read and use a calendar
Recognize, order and write whole numbers to 100 including skip counting
Make and read graphs and tables
Recognize and count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
Introduction to odd and even numbers
Introduction to probability

Geography and History
Continents and oceans (identifications and names)
Map of North America
Map of United States of America
Parts of a Flag
Planets of the solar system
Sun and Earth: seasons
Different zones
Land and water forms
Attraction and gravity
Earth as a planet
Composition of the Earth
Biome Readers: introduction to the animals of North America
Identify some important natural resources and describe ways to protect them
Timeline of human beings and their fundamental needs (pre-historic)
Famous personalities in History

Identify solid figures & plane shapes
Introduction to fractions 
Equivalent fractions
Addition and subtraction of fractions with same denominator
Parts of an angle, triangle
Types of angles, triantles, polygons & lines